Compass Healthcare Navigation SolutionsTM

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What’s guiding your
people? Every health plan needs a Compass.

After payroll, chances are healthcare benefits are your largest expense. Typically, these benefits are not fully used leading to higher healthcare costs and lower benefits satisfaction. With Compass Healthcare Navigation Solutions, your people get the information they need to get to the right doctor from the start, saving money and improving healthcare outcomes.

Compass NavigatorTM

Comprehensive healthcare navigation support

Helps organizations transform the employee healthcare and health benefits experience and guarantees healthcare cost savings.

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Compass AdvocateTM

Concierge patient advocacy support

Helps organizations take the hassle out of healthcare and provide their people with a healthcare experience that is 7x better than the health insurance industry average.

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Compass ConsumerTM

Digital healthcare concierge

Helps organizations that are dissatisfied with high-cost healthcare and inconsistent doctor and hospital quality to optimize their health plan networks with high-quality, cost-effective care.

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Eliminate the hassles
of health insurance and healthcare
Compass Navigator Compass Advocate Compass Consumer
Assistance choosing the right health plan  
Help with medical bills and resolving billing errors  
Connect to other health benefits programs  
Help with coordinating care  
Assistance with understanding health benefits  
Help with scheduling appointments  
Personal Alight Health Pro® support  
Optimize your network with high-quality, cost-effective healthcare Compass Navigator Compass Advocate Compass Consumer
Find lower cost alternatives for prescriptions    
Find highly-rated, cost-effective providers and care  
Compare costs for procedures and care  
24/7 access to decision support tools  
UPoint® integration  
Fees tied to guaranteed return on investment for your organization    

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