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Health Pro Cloud’s intuitive interface is based on insights from more than 1.5 million healthcare interactions with Alight's Healthcare Navigation users.

All in one place

Know before
you go

Check your benefits and know what you’ve spent towards your deductible. Stay organized with all of your healthcare information in one place.

Instant recommendations

Find great doctors

Get instant recommendations for highly-rated doctors who are in your insurance network. Need to be seen soon or have specific doctor preferences? We’ve got you covered.

Compare costs

Don’t overpay
for healthcare

Compare costs for medical services and ensure that your people are never overpaying for healthcare.

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Get expert assistance

Have questions about your benefits? Need help with a bill? Want options for lowering your prescription costs? Your personal Alight Health Pro® consultant is only a tap away.

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Alight's Healthcare Navigation Solutions

Better choices. Better care. Lower costs.

After payroll, chances are healthcare benefits are your largest expense. Typically, these benefits are not fully utilized, leading to higher healthcare costs and lower benefits satisfaction. With Alight's Healthcare Navigation Solutions, you can help your people maximize their benefits, improve outcomes and lower overall health plan costs for your organization.

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