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Are you looking for a partner to support your cloud transformation now and into the future?

Alight’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions cover the full spectrum of:

  • Cloud consulting and advisory
  • Cloud deployment solutions
  • Application management services
  • Ongoing Cloud HCM and payroll administration support

Moving to the Cloud for Human Capital Management (HCM)

Making the decision to move to the Cloud is the first step in sparking possibilities for your organization’s growth.

  • Replace outdated legacy systems
  • Consolidate disparate point solutions
  • Enhance your user experience
  • Gain access to better HCM reporting and regulatory compliance

Maximize your cloud support model

Once live, maximizing your support model can take you even further. Considering the way you monitor utilization of the system, take advantage of new features and plan for ways to optimize and maximize your investment are just a few priorities you will need to address.

Organization transformation is more than cloud technology

To deliver on your goals, you must look at innovating more than just your technology. We are committed to helping you achieve true organizational transformation in HCM through our advisory, cloud deployment, application management services and administration solutions, to help you realize the value of your cloud investment.

Deep cloud experience and expertise

We cover the full spectrum of HCM cloud-based human resources, talent, payroll, benefits and end-user support. We meet you where you are on your cloud transformation journey today and into the future. No matter the size or type of your organization, you can count on local experts with global reach across 19 global delivery centers to support you.

Frequently asked questions

Have a particular question about HCM solutions? We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions.

Traditionally organizations would use on-premises Human Capital Management (HCM) systems to manage their workforce. However, with technology innovation and the need to grow to remain competitive, organizations are rapidly moving to a cloud-based HCM solution. The cloud offers advantages for HCM including innovative technology, consolidation of disparate systems, enhanced user experience, mobile accessibility, regular enhanced system updates as well as better organizational control through access to real time, reliable data allowing you to make better decisions for your organization.

With a partner, someone is there to help you architect your HCM cloud deployment to suit your business needs and goals as well as to set you up for success once you go live. Your partner should be experienced and knowledgeable providing best-practice HCM recommendations, have local expertise and be able to support you once you are live in the cloud. You might also want to consider your future roadmap ensuring your partner has experience with the full spectrum of HR, talent, payroll and benefits.

Moving your HCM and financial applications to the cloud with one system for HR, finance and planning provides you with insight to make better decisions, the agility to pivot and scale and the clarity to guide your business. With access to real time data, global visibility and streamlined processes, the insights you will have at your fingertips will help your organization make better business decisions.

Preparing for your move to the cloud is essential in the success of your project. You need to consider deployment readiness, cloud fit-gap analysis, target-operating model design as well as how you will test, stabilize and optimize the platform once live.

Planning and preparing your end users is also an important part of your project and will help increase user adoption once you are live in the cloud. You can do this through stakeholder identification, change impact analysis and communications training.

Adopting HCM cloud technology will continue to be a priority for many midsize organizations, especially those wanting to scale and expand globally. Moving your HCM to a cloud platform will provide you with greater data insights to help you drive operational efficiencies, engage your employees, make better business decisions and help you operate with predictability.

Application management services for HCM are designed to help organizations operate at peak performance once they are live in the cloud. Solutions typically include:

  • Tenant and integration assessments
  • Tenant and release management
  • Integration management
  • Configuration support and consultation
  • New feature and functionality enablement
  • Business initiative support
  • Strategic road mapping consultation and support
  • Reporting, insights and analytics

Whether you’re going through a merger or acquisition, looking to grow your organization, need help with new feature releases, or simply need some extra dedicated support, HCM application management services can provide flexible and agile solutions to help you meet your needs quickly.

Getting your people paid on time while also maintaining strict compliance is critical to the success of your organization, which is why many companies choose payroll administration outsourcing. With payroll and cloud experts taking on your day-to-day administration and transactional activities, you are able to achieve compliance and pay your employees on time while freeing up your team to focus on strategic, business critical activities for your organization.

HCM Cloud Advisory

Experienced HR, finance and IT resources, when and where you need them

We're trusted advisors to our SaaS clients, bringing comprehensive cloud expertise, functional skills and technical know-how, grounded in more than 25 years of HR and financial industry leadership. Whether you’re just starting on a plan to deploy SaaS or your company is already live, our team is ready to help you meet your objectives and maximize results.

Solutions Include:
  • Cloud system fit-gap analysis
  • Deployment readiness assessments
  • Target operating-model design
  • Stabilization and testing services
  • Change management programs
  • Optimization assessments
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HCM Cloud Deployment

A holistic approach to SaaS for better short and long-term results

We can help your SaaS deployment and future operation unfold more smoothly by laying the right groundwork with pre-build planning. We use proprietary tools for integrations, data conversion and testing that save time and prevent re-work. And with our experience administering these systems for over 2.3 million employees, we're always learning new ways to operate better and smarter.

Our deployment teams are not only experts within their specific technology, but they also have deep domain experience to answer “how” and “why” and sometimes even “why not.” Our approach is one that mitigates short- and long-term risks for our clients, while looking at the overall project holistically.

Deployment services include:
  • Data conversion
  • Process configuration
  • Integration development
  • Change management
  • Testing
  • Enablement packages for post-go-live success
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HCM Application Management Services (AMS)

Minimizing the unpredictable while maximizing your ROI

If you're already live on SaaS, our Application Management Services (AMS) team can help your application operate at peak performance. Our AMS offerings are modular to fit your specific needs whether it's an hours pool to use on specific one-time events, aligned resources dedicated to ongoing projects, or a comprehensive AMS solution. We also provide operational consulting to help uncover less obvious opportunities for optimization and improvement in your operation.

Our clients select us as their AMS provider because we work to find the right balance between budget-friendly and high quality. They stay with us long-term because our solutions are stronger since we continually deploy and administer processes for dozens of clients. And we bring that experience to all of our projects—no matter the size—for improved outcomes.

AMS services include:
  • Tenant and integration assessments
  • Tenant and release management
  • Integration management
  • Configuration support and consultation
  • New feature and functionality enablement
  • Business initiative support
  • Strategic road mapping consultation and support
  • Reporting, insights and analytics
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Cloud HCM and Payroll Administration

Ongoing support to make the maximum strategic impact on your business

After your program goes live, we can help with any functional or end-user support you need to enable flawless operation and the outcomes you expect, on a consistent, sustained basis. We can provide services for specific functions such as payroll, end-user support/portals, data corrections/management, annual cycle support, benefits administration and much more.

We provide ongoing services to over 200 clients across a variety of platforms – some of these client engagements are project based while others are full-scale business process outsourcing. All of them are based on a strong and trusted partnership.

Our post-deployment services include:

End-user support

  • HR portal
  • Customer service

Application Management Services

  • Project based
  • Comprehensive

Ongoing process administration

  • Payroll
  • Data corrections and mass loads
  • Compensation, benefit, talent annual cycles
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