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Global Payroll

Welcome a global workforce

Take control of your global operating model with standardized, centralized payroll.

Your global payroll guide

Global payroll comes with global challenges, like legal, cultural and compliance issues. Whether you’re looking to streamline global payroll or move into new markets, our experts in 39 countries and more than 50 global delivery centers help you integrate and outsource it. We’ll ensure your payroll stays accurate and compliant — no matter the scale.

Here’s the Challenge

Managing global payroll is a lot of moving parts

Your payroll team has a lot on their plate each month — salary management, benefits, holiday and sick pay. Now take those and magnify them on a global scale. Between keeping an eye on every system and staying compliant, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Finding the right outsourcing partner to help manage it all is key.

Here’s how we solve it

One global payroll solution to balance them all

We provide a centrally-managed payroll available in over 100 countries that simplifies HRIS and payroll integration, clears up IT complexity and creates visibility and responsiveness — think local payroll on a global scale.

Payroll experts next door

Having a global payroll manager that speaks your language, knows your laws and gets your challenges is critical, especially for fast-growing businesses. Our payroll experts work locally in 188 countries so you always have someone to rely on. 

Everyday innovation in global payroll

We introduce new automation, artificial intelligence and robotics constantly to improve quality and reduce costs for your business. We also deliver insights specific to you and lessons learned from leading enterprises so you can prove the value of payroll.

Adapting for the unexpected

In a crisis, people can’t afford a late paycheck. With a global integrated platform, we can adapt to keep things running no matter the challenge — whether it impacts your workforce on a local or global scale.

A seamless payroll experience for all

Our payroll platform delivers the same user experience for all employees, managers and HRBP’s in every geography for data entry, viewing pay slips and contacting the Service Center.

More of what’s possible with Payroll Services

For employers

Single, standardized payroll delivers major peace of mind, helping your HR department deliver locally compliant and trouble-free payroll so they can focus on more strategic items and expand as needs change.


  • Automated process to update local payment rules
  • Data corrections and mass loads
  • Spot and address anomalies in employee data between countries
  • Set KPIs to track business costs and inform your next moves

Answer one of the greatest expectations for a modern HR offering: a paycheck and pay portal they can count on.


  • Accurate and on-time pay
  • Easy to understand and navigate HR Portal
  • Customer service options when help is needed

Customer story

Deploying SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll to 5 countries for HSBC

In 2015, HSBC embarked on the most complex global HR and payroll transformation ever undertaken, providing unified access to the company HR platform for 138,000 employees and contractors across 65 countries.

Harmonizing international payroll for Egger Group

Egger implemented one integrated, streamlined payroll solution throughout its offices worldwide, leveraging localized language and compliance modules to provide a consistent payroll administration and reporting solution globally.

Optimizing global workforce management for Solvay

Solvay’s ‘Hire-to-Retire’ business service solutions needed to be more efficient than ever before. Consequently, Solvay selected Alight to help them deploy a global HR solution based on a single technology platform with standardized processes and tools, providing a true ‘Hire-to-Retire’ solution for Solvay’s 40,000 employees and retirees across the globe.

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