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COVID-19 vaccine support solutions for employers

With guidelines and distribution approaches that vary by state, county or even city due to limited vaccine supply and appointment availability, employees need help navigating the confusing COVID-19 vaccination landscape — and they’re looking to their employer for guidance.

Alight’s portfolio of COVID-19 vaccine support solutions can help you provide your people with the trusted vaccination information they need and drive smart decisions around where, when and how they get vaccinated.

Vaccine engagement and communication solution

Keep your people in-the-know on evolving COVID-19 vaccine guidance with a digital experience that serves as your single source for vaccination information.

Your vaccine microsite will serve as the central location for all of your COVID-19 vaccine stance, policy, FAQ and education information, including state-by-state guidelines and resources.

High-impact emails and internal communication content will promote your microsite launch and remind your people to check back as major guidance updates occur.

HR COVID-19 policy line

Your people have questions — we can help provide answers. Our specialized, inbound call center support can educate and answer questions around your organization’s:

  • COVID-19 policies and procedures
  • COVID-19 programs and resources (e.g., COVID leaves)

Health Pro vaccine support

Navigating local vaccine eligibility, distribution and availability can be confusing. Our Health Pros provide high-touch support for employees and their families as they prepare to make vaccination appointments, including guidance on:

  • Vaccine eligibility and availability based on state and local guidelines
  • How and where to make an appointment, including pre-registration where available
  • Clinical support for employees with detailed vaccine safety questions
  • Employer policies and coverage

Employee Care Card

Looking for an easy way to incentivize your employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine? The Employee Care Card allows you to provide a one-time, pre-funded financial incentive without the need for substantiation.

  • Funding flexibility allows you to pre-fund accounts at any time with any amount
  • Cards are mailed directly to employees and activated at first use, giving your people immediate access to their funds
  • Real-time expense tracking will give you insight into how your people are using their incentives

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