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Alight Solutions, through its acquisition of Carlson Management Consulting, is a Workday Adaptive Planning Platinum Solution Provider with Premier Accredited status, having earned nine partner awards since 2010. Our global team of Workday Adaptive Planning-certified consultants help you become equipped to better plan, execute and analyze financial and workforce data across your organization.

With guidance from Alight, organizations are able to:

  • Cut planning cycle times by 70%
  • Create reports and board books in minutes, not days
  • Employ driver-based plans, rolling forecasts and multiple scenarios
  • Enhance collaboration among budget stakeholders
  • Focus on value-added analysis and decision-making

Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the tools and capabilities to plan smarter, report faster and analyze efficiently, transforming business performance in ways you previously could only imagine. At the core of the enterprise planning platform is Elastic Hypercube Technology, an in-memory engine that enables you to model endless possibilities and scenarios without sacrificing performance.

At Alight, we have delivered more than 550 successful Workday Adaptive Planning implementations for clients of all sizes, ranging from a variety of industries. When it comes to deploying Workday Adaptive Planning for your financial and workforce planning, choose Alight as your partner of choice.

Workday Adaptive Planning delivers the following benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Workday Adaptive Planning for finance

Make financial planning more collaborative, comprehensive and continuous for you and your teams to better manage your business and embrace agility in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Give business users the power to make smarter decisions faster through shared insights, collaborative decision-making and robust modeling capabilities.
  • Model capabilities, including expense, capital and revenue.
  • Drive business performance with interactive dashboards, data visualizations, and charts that are easy to create, personalize, and share.
  • Make timely decisions with confidence through intuitive self-service reporting capabilities.
  • Continuously forecast the future through rolling forecasts with integrated driver-based scenarios.
  • Connect your planning data to Microsoft® Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to easily update reports.
  • Effectively manage change, model business outcomes, analyze variances and course-correct—all at the pace your business demands.
  • Enrich and accelerate your planning cycles by automating data integration from any source system.

Workday Adaptive Planning for the workforce

Empower HR and operations managers to build workforce plans that align with business goals while giving finance teams instant visibility into the workforce’s impact on organizational financial performance.

  • Model transfers, planned hires and attrition for clear visibility into workforce composition.
  • Model employee skills by location, ramp time, cost and more to align personnel with business strategies.
  • Deep dive into data across dimensions such as job level, department, job grade, skills, projects and locations.
  • Compare multiple driver-based, what-if scenarios to create the optimal workforce plan.
  • Assign, manage and track planning tasks at the individual or cross-functional level.
  • Easily create step-by-step process guides to foster companywide collaboration.
  • Share plans with business leaders and people managers to get their feedback and buy-in.
  • Automatically integrate transactional data from any source system.
  • Develop forward-looking workforce plans that integrate with the corporate plan.

Frequently asked questions

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is a set of activities including budgeting, forecasting, planning and analysis conducted to manage financial and operational performance. FP&A seeks to align financial plans with corporate strategy through analysis and tracking of budgets and forecasts to plan. It employs key performance indicators to manage the drivers that have the greatest impact on performance. It also uses scenario analysis to model a variety of possible events to project outcomes. Historically managed with spreadsheets, there are now a number of cloud-based solutions that help streamline and automate FP&A processes.

Workday Adaptive Planning, formerly known as Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud, is enterprise planning software that helps companies improve financial and operational performance with planning, consolidation, analytics, reporting and dashboards. Known for its ease-of-use, Workday Adaptive Planning can be used to model virtually any kind of financial, operational, workforce and sales data. Workday Adaptive Planning is commonly used to replace time-consuming, spreadsheet-based planning and reporting processes.

Workday Adaptive Planning implementations are frequently managed by a certified partner. Alight, through its acquisition of Carlson Management Consulting, has provided implementation services since 2010 and is one of the top global partners. Implementations follow a structured project management methodology including discovery, design, build, train and deployment phases. After go-live, many clients seek additional support services from Alight to fine-tune existing models, implement new features and optimize their overall systems for maximum results.

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