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Your employees need help with money and investing—and existing in-plan solutions are complicated and often do not consider an employee’s full financial picture.

WealthSpark is Alight’s newest solution for defined contribution plans that combines personalized investment portfolios with a comprehensive personal financial platform delivered through innovative technology, with a fiduciary construct that makes sense to help your people thrive.

Comprehensive financial platform

Powered by Personal Capital, the financial platform helps employees better understand and make decisions about personal finances from everyday budgeting to managing life events, such as paying back student loans, saving to buy a home or planning for retirement.

Personalized investment portfolios

Based on up to 19 individualized data points cultivated through Personal Capital’s technology, including other financial accounts, a partner’s financial situation and obligations such as saving for a child’s college education or elder care

Access to a financial advisor

The support of an Alight Financial Advisor to further assess personal needs and goals and help identify strategies and portfolios that best match each employee’s unique situation. Alight Financial Advisors, LLC acts as a 3(21) investment advisor for the advice program, and a 3(38) investment manager for the model portfolios; they may educate and recommend investment options, but will not assume discretion over an individual’s investments.

Aligned fiduciary construct

Built on Alight’s unbiased, independent approach that supports the fiduciary concerns of the plan sponsor, WealthSpark aligns service structure with fees, and includes robust plan reporting to track program metrics, from enrollment through value assessment

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Spending is up

Aggregate American household debt is at a record high of $13 trillion – 18% higher than in 2013.1

Retirement is threatened

Half of U.S. workers 60 and older don’t think they will be able to retire before age 70. Another 20% believe they will never be able to retire.3

Savings are down

Average personal savings rate dropped by 25% in just five years - from 8.9% in 2012 to 6.7% in 2017.2

Sparking financial wellness

Employees face challenges with being more proactive about saving, planning and investing. Read Alight's insights on those challenges—and how you can help.

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