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Pension plan de-risking programs can be complex for both plan sponsors and participants. Whether you’re just starting your de-risking journey or well down the path, Alight Solutions can help you with your next step.

A leader in pension administration

For more than 40 years, Alight Solutions has been the leading provider of defined benefit administration, servicing 124 clients and over 6 million participants. Our vast experience working with large organizations on de-risking pension plans for their people sets us apart, having managed administration for over 100 lump sum projects that impact over one million window participants.

Finding the right fit

Alight’s pension experts work directly with you to effectively manage complexity and build communications to help your people make the best choices for themselves and their families. Whether you prefer a best practice, turnkey communications approach or require a custom solution, we will partner with you to ensure your audiences have the education and resources they need to feel supported and make informed decisions.

Driving results with effective communication

Understanding the audiences affected by your pension de-risking program (including internal stakeholders) is critical to implementing an effective program. Our team has delivered hundreds of effective de-risking projects over the years, providing participant communications that drive results. We offer the expertise and resources you need to understand what each audience needs to know, and help you build strategic, effective communications to encourage smart decision‑making

Alight supports pension de‑risking projects by helping plan sponsors prepare for implementation in several ways.

  • Defining requirements and managing system set-up and testing
  • Conducting missing participant searches and outreach
  • Supporting and accelerating data review and clean-up
  • Guiding data verification and requirements
  • Connecting with participants before and during the program period through multiple channels
  • Providing customer care support over the duration of the event
  • Processing elections and issuing accurate payments to plan participants
  • Full project management and regular reporting

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Alight can help define and execute effective plan participant communications for your pension de-risking program, including:

  • Re-establishing connections with plan participants
  • Focusing attention on choices and deadlines
  • Managing direct queries into the customer call center
  • Nudging procrastinators with repeat reminders

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