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More employees than ever before are concerned about their financial situation and less than half of all U.S. workers feel comfortable approaching an investment company for help. When it comes to needing support, employees are more often than not turning to their employers to help them make smarter choices and improve their financial health.

30% of millennials say debt is ruining their quality of life1

Only 40% of employees feel in control of their financial future2

61% of workers say that they will never be able to retire at the age they want.3

We help build financial security and establish a supportive environment to drive higher utilization and measurable outcomes for your people.

Diverse solutions

Rooted with a comprehensive financial assessment to help your people gain a better understanding of their full financial picture, Alight Financial Path pulls together a curated collection of tools and resources such as financial planning, access to low-cost loans and emergency savings that support your people in whichever stage they are in along their savings journey.

Holistic wellbeing experience

Financial wellness, while more top of mind than ever, is only one part of your workforce’s broader wellbeing. We’ve fully integrated the Financial Wellbeing hub into UPoint’s digital portal spanning all employer benefits so that your people can confidently make financial decisions knowing it’s in the best interest for their holistic wellbeing.

Hyper-personalized insights

People expect the technology they use in the workplace to mirror that of their personal lives and your company’s digital HR platform should be no different. Our propriety ecosystem leverages user behavior and data, analytics and AI to hyper-personalize the user experience, driving better engagement and helping anticipate employee needs to encourage smarter choices.

Expert guidance

We’ve created an omni-channel support model built on Alight’s independent approach. This means your people will have full access to financial advisors (online and by phone) that offer unbiased guidance to help reach the next best step as they prepare for a secure and healthy future.

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  1. 2020 Employee Wellbeing Mindset Study

Advisory Services on the Alight Financial Path are provided by Alight Financial Advisors, LLC, (‘AFA’) an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Financial Advisors are Investment Advisor Representatives of AFA