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Our digital innovation is limited only by the bounds of today’s available technology. Today’s consumer lives in a mobile, social, on-demand world. We can help you deliver online experiences that meet your people where they are. Let us introduce you to some of our most in-demand solutions. Starting with UPoint®, our amazing user interface platform that learns each employee's individual preferences, we have a full complement of capabilities to make interaction with HR easy, efficient and—would you believe it? Pleasant!


Power your people with heart-ificial intelligence.

With 19 million users and more than 2,000 single sign-on connections with 350+ partners (and growing!), UPoint offers a seamless, people-centric experience that can evolve and grow with your organization. At its heart, UPoint makes it easier to find the information, tools, and support needed to make important decisions through:

Virtual employee events

Whether you’re dealing with varying work shifts, competing priorities or a pandemic, it can be challenging to motivate, educate and engage your people when you can’t meet face to face. Alight’s virtual employee events offer a digital multi-event space that helps you connect with your people – and their families – where they are, when it’s convenient.

Alight Well

Alight Well offers digitally enabled and data-driven employee wellbeing programs, including team and individual challenges, incentives, gamification and personalized communications, to drive year-round engagement for employees and their eligible family members. By enabling a healthy mind, body, wallet and life for your people, we help lower employer benefit costs, improve productivity and increase retention for your organization.

Videos and interactive learning tools

Now, more than ever, individuals consume information via video on the go – from news clips to recipes. We can offer the same engaging experience to transform difficult concepts into simplified choices...about annual enrollment, 401(k) investment elections, career development and more. We can take hard-to-understand information and transform materials into engaging, interactive video sessions to help consumers take control of their learning experience and have fun along the way.


Elevate benefits experiences. Accelerate outcomes.
With Alight’s hyper-personalization, employees no longer need to reconcile benefits information from disparate sources. Instead, they receive omni-channel messages built on their unique data set that continuously adapt based on their actions or inaction. Driven by data and AI, these messages enable employees to make smarter decisions concerning their health, wealth and career.

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