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Start Your Human Capital and Technology Transformation Journey with Alight Solutions

Next Level Transformation

Own your transformation journey

We’re a human capital and business partner. We connect insights across your people, work and life to unlock enterprise growth like you’ve never seen before.

There is no business like yours

The world of HR, business and technology is exploding with promising data and solutions. But too often we see digital transformation create new problems even as it solves others. With more choices, more flexibility and more information, your people have more responsibility, more to navigate and less guidance than ever before.

We believe that tech is only as good as the hands it’s in. Who’s using it, what do they need and how we can connect the dots to inform better decision-making today, tomorrow and ten years from now?

We help your people and systems work better to grow your business with solutions designed, delivered and optimized around your needs. The reason there’s nothing like it is because there is no workforce like yours.

We guarantee you can do it

Through our consultative insight, proprietary tools and methodology, we’ll find your baseline performance, then set targets so you can really see how much value your people bring. With AI and analytics, you can view your data insights and continuously make smarter decisions at any time.

Connected insights

Know your business and your people front to back with a single source of truth built on integrated data and AI.

  • Answer the critical business questions
  • Make better, faster decisions with performance analysis and real-time data

Impactful experiences

Turn a great employee experience into a memorable one.

  • Improve engagement
  • Create a high-performance culture
  • Help people make smarter, more empowered decisions
  • Become an employer of choice

Optimized ROI

Invest in technology that earns its keep.

  • Keep costs down and efficiency up with integrated end-to-end solutions
  • Guarantee an ROI with navigation and other solutions
  • Leapfrog legacy systems and processes

Confident agility

Proactively adapt to what’s ahead.

  • Reduce risk
  • Simplify your vendor model
  • Move faster with built-in innovation
  • Gain long-term competitive advantages

Not your typical transformation

We help unlock growth by connecting the parts of business that are often kept apart: work and life. Through a deep understanding of people and imaginative use of technology and AI, we give your employees the ability to make confident decisions in the moments that matter.

Transform your human capital

Understand what a modern workforce needs and how to create a high-performance culture.

Transform your tech

Compel people to act with experiences and insights brought to you by AI, analytics and a people-centric cloud platform.

Ready to transform your organization? Take the first step.

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