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Our research shows that only 50% of employees understand their total rewards — and even less think their rewards are competitive compared to other employers. Alight Total Rewards offers holistic digital and print solutions to help you increase understanding, build appreciation, and drive engagement in your benefits programs year-round.

Digital total rewards

Decision support

Promotion and
storytelling capabilities

Print statement

Candidate tools


Drive enrollment in
your existing benefits programs

Help your people make the most of the benefits available to them with a clear summary of what they are using now — and what they might be missing out on.

Get credit for your
total investment

Break down your people’s total compensation and benefits package to show them the true investment that your organization is making in them every year.

Highlight the programs that make you stand out

Drive enrollment and engagement with personalized content that puts your most valuable benefit programs and differentiators front and center.

Personalized digital and print experiences

Ignite your total rewards launch and make your digital tool relevant year‑round.

One platform interface

Seamlessly connect and integrate data from all of your internal and external data sources, including your reward and benefit vendors and providers, in one easy-to-use interface.

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