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What can AI do for HR?

Artificial intelligence and human resources work together to help reduce costs, improve planning, and most importantly, transform your business.

What is AI?

Ask 10 people to define artificial intelligence (AI) and you might get 10 different answers. But at its core, AI is always the same. It's all about training machines to do things that help humans accomplish tasks of varying complexities — from harnessing information and data on a scale unattainable to humans, to automating small, repetitive tasks that take up time.

Over the last few years, advances in AI have shown up in chat services, digital personal assistants, search engines, and even self-driving cars. They have quickly become an innovation people come to expect.

How can AI help HR?

AI is a critical component of the human resources engine. From improving the quality of predictions to reducing costs by performing processes with greater efficiency, it can transform the way your business runs.

For example, when the payroll cycle is run, AI is used to ensure accuracy by automatically checking for errors and anomalies. This takes the burden off of the payroll staff and the entire HR team. And that means more time for bigger-picture projects and strategies.

The more times the payroll cycle is run, the more accurate it becomes as AI learns and refines the process every time.

What is “Actionable AI”?

“Actionable AI” is a term unique to Alight to describe how we turn data into customer impact. Put simply, it is a set of engines that analyze the hundreds of millions of transactions done each year while extracting insights that personalize and create predictive suggestions.

It is the basis of the “See- Sense- Act” framework, which uses key signals from data and converts them into intelligent products and solutions that continuously improve.

There are many benefits of Actionable AI, including:

  • Improved quality and reduced cost of predictions

  • Lower compliance risks

  • Improved accuracy and productivity

Why is AI important to your business and employees? 

Understanding the impact of AI and Actionable AI helps HR teams leverage the right tools to improve jobs, reduce costs and execute tasks not manually possible.

By supporting organizations with major tasks, including employee benefits, AI takes on some of the process load so your organization can shift more attention to the real bottom line — your people.

However, these benefits often have low utilization rates, and about 50% of employees make poor healthcare decisions. AI has the smarts to solve these challenges.

Actionable AI supports employees

By harnessing Actionable AI, employees are better equipped to make benefit decisions that are more suitable for their personal or family needs. 

Actionable AI can be used to target employees who may benefit from a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) or provide resources to help prevent potential future health concerns. It also helps improve engagement and utilization rates by providing insights on how and when to target employees, and with what information.

Alight and AI

Our teams are actively integrating AI throughout our Alight Worklife platform and are working on enhancement every day. We will be partnering closely with customers to automate burdensome tasks and uncover new insights, all done more quickly and accurately than current systems or manual processes. As HR managers seek to shape and deploy new people strategies, we look forward to evolving our AI capabilities to support them every step of the way.

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