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Three benefits of consolidating to a single HR platform

A major decision for HR professionals is whether they leverage multiple HR platforms for different parts of the employee lifecycle or one Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Here are some of the major benefits your business can experience when it consolidates to a single HR platform:

1. Consistent user experience

When you reduce your number of HR platforms into one, you are creating much-needed simplicity in the workplace. Consolidation into a single HR platform, reduces the complication of training employees on different platforms.

This not only makes the on-boarding experience easier for new employees, but also saves time for current employees. This is because they only need to be well-versed in one HR technology.

These advantages also extend to mobile access. Employees do not need to navigate through multiple apps to handle different tasks. Instead they have one seamless experience available anytime, anywhere. This is something that’s extremely important to the modern workforce.

2. Accurate, single source of data

Having a single source of data can make life so much easier. Take for example this scenario: You need to gather information on one employee, including vacation time, pay, taxes, bonuses, and benefits. With multiple systems getting this information requires you to visit each HR platform separately. Then you must create a customized and cumbersome data output (usually some kind of spreadsheet) with all of this information.

This same task can occur in a fraction of the time using a single HR platform. This centralized program gathers the information for you and puts it into intuitive data visualizations and dashboards. This saves time and enables you focus on more strategic tasks.

3. Reduced cost

A convincing argument to transition to a single HR platform is the potential cost savings. Using an end-to-end HR platform can save your business money, as its likely less expensive than it would be to work with an à la carte selection of point solutions.

The cost difference can not only impact your company’s bottom line, it can save your HR team the headache of paying each vendor separately.

Finding the right single HR platform

When your business is considering consolidating its HR functions into one place, it’s crucial you find the right HCM platform.

The ideal system can improve employee engagement, decrease time spent training and increase productivity. It also can reduce the frustration of juggling multiple HR software systems and introduce a single HCM platform into your internal operations.

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