Simplifying your dependent eligibility verification audit

Ready to save on healthcare costs with dependent eligibility verification, but concerned about disrupting your people? We’re here to help.

With the right approach, you can save significant health plan dollars and make the process simple and unintimidating for your people. Here are some quick tips for simplifying your dependent audits.

Create awareness

With any change, communication is key, especially when it involves information that might seem personal to employees. For a dependent audit, start communicating early and explain why it is happening and how each health plan participant benefits.

The sooner your people know of this initiative and how it benefits them, the easier the process will be and the more engaged they will feel.

The overall communication campaign should use easy, straightforward language and consider how certain employee populations are reached, how often and with what information.

Explain the importance and the value of the dependent audit and goals

Overview the process, details and timing

Outline clear expectations and responsibilities of your employees

Communicate early and often

Equip HR representatives with information to help answer questions

Send broadcast announcements to employees via multiple mediums

  • company intranet
  • internal email
  • letters to homes

Use technology to your advantage

People are accustomed to using technology in all aspects of their life. A tech-forward approach to dependent verification makes each step of the process as simple and efficient as possible while providing a convenient means for your people to submit documentation and stay informed of their status. Be sure to have multiple ways to communicate with your people—including emails and text message alerts, or paper letters for those that prefer it.

Provide a dependent verification website with:

Online document submission available straight from a mobile phone

A guided, step-by-step
verification wizard

status information

I loved having the ability to use my smartphone to submit my information. This allowed me to submit my information without having to find a fax machine or send it through the mail which was so much faster and very easy!”

2019 Alight Customer Survey

Make it personalized

People respond more positively to messages when they are customized toward them. Tailor your content so it is relevant to your people and encourages taking required actions more swiftly.

Personalize with:

Consistency with your overall benefits messaging

Branded materials

Targeted communications to employees based on their audit status


51% of consumers expect that by 2020, companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact. State of the Connected Consumer report

Alight’s Dependent Verification Services won our coveted Supplier of the Year Award for going above and beyond in their interactions with our team members and for having such a huge impact on our plan costs.”

Senior Benefits Manager, Brinker International

Provide guidance

Your people are your priority. Focus on customer care and let your people know they are supported throughout the entire dependent verification process. Answer any questions they may have and make them feel comfortable before, during and after the audit. Have an advocacy team to proactively assist employees.

Provide your people with:

Flexible customer service—when and how it works for your people

Phone and email support

Extended call center hours

Proactive support to ease the process

Recognize when people may need extra assistance

Provide superior support by reaching out to provide help before they even know they need it

With over 800 completed one-time audits and more than 8 million dependents audited to date, Alight Solutions is the industry leader in dependent eligibility verification. Alight’s Dependent Verification Services include one time audits, ongoing verification for new dependents and re-verification for dependents whose relationships could change. Dependent verification clients include public, private and not-for-profit organizations, as well as large governments and more than 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

Discover how your organization can benefit from Alight’s dependent verification services.

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