2019 Trends & Experience in Defined Contribution Plans
Changes in the retirement
plan landscape

Defined contribution (DC) plans form the retirement backbone for millions of American workers, with more than 85% of employers saying that the DC plan is their primary retirement plan—an increase from 67% only a decade ago.

Below we’ve highlighted three trends from the 2019 Trends & Experience in Defined Contribution Plans report that show how DC plans continue to be enhanced, helping workers contribute more money to the plan, invest their balances wisely and use their accounts for retirement income.


Decreasing the friction points to getting money in the plan


of companies have automatic enrollment

Up from 58% in 2015


of companies with automatic enrollment report opt-out rates of <1%


Making investing more personalized and simpler than ever before

2/3rds of plans have managed accounts

99% of employers ranked managed accounts as effective

40% of companies use white labeling for at least some funds


Moving from “savings” plans to “retirement” plans


of plans have a distribution option other than an all-or-nothing lump sum


of plans have partial distributions


of plans have installment plans

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