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2021 Workforce Mindset® Study

Alight’s Workforce Mindset® Study examines a range of workplace topics such as the employee experience, cultural characteristics and differentiators, total rewards, communication and technology.

How do companies successfully place employees at the center and meet their business imperatives?

Employee-centric platforms can connect the dots between people, work and life to navigate choices, drive smarter decisions and create impactful experiences.

2021 Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing

Our annual Hot Topics report captures the changes employers plan to make to their retirement and financial wellbeing plans in the year ahead.

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Workday Hackathon: Alight's top ten team

Following DevCon 2021, the Alight development team placed in the top ten at the Workday Hackathon.

What is Workday Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)

Workday offers the Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB) tool to support a robust data management strategy.

The impact of 401(k) cash-outs on retirement income

Data surrounding seemingly small amounts that leak from 401(k) accounts when people change jobs and how they cause major erosion to future retirement income.

Toyota Boshoku America and benefits administration

When Toyota Boshoku America was ready to upgrade their approach to benefits administration, they partnered with Alight to optimize their employees’ benefits experience.

7 tips for simplifying your open enrollment

Top tips for streamlining your open enrollment—without oversimplifying.

Buyer’s Guide to choosing an HCM

Selecting the right Human Capital Management (HCM) system for your business can be difficult. This is why we created the Buyer’s Guide to choosing an HCM.