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2021 Workforce Mindset® Study

Alight’s Workforce Mindset® Study examines a range of workplace topics such as the employee experience, cultural characteristics and differentiators, total rewards, communication and technology.

How do companies successfully place employees at the center and meet their business imperatives?

Employee-centric platforms can connect the dots between people, work and life to navigate choices, drive smarter decisions and create impactful experiences.

2021 Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing

Our annual Hot Topics report captures the changes employers plan to make to their retirement and financial wellbeing plans in the year ahead.

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Why is looking after caregivers in your organization important?

Many organizations will have employees that have care responsibilities for family members or other people. This can be stressful for employees juggling work and care duties. It is important for companies to be aware and support employees where they can.

Financial wellbeing matters more now

Uncertainty continues to play a major role in everyday life. Our physical and emotional health are under some serious pressure. You can add financial wellbeing to the list of stressors.

Top 5 questions on OSHA’s COVID vaccine mandate guidelines

Get guidance on the most asked questions about the OSHA COVID vaccine mandate guidelines.

Digital transformation and psychology – increase innovation adoption by working together

The digital transformation projects that work best are those where innovation was clearly married with psychology. Why? Because as humans we’re hardwired to resist change.

How to make the case to move your organization to the Cloud

Learn the key steps to build a solid business case for your organization’s move to the Cloud.

Customer success story: Ledesma

How an investment in people and technology took employee engagement and enterprise growth in exciting new directions.