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In August 2019, Alight Solutions acquired Hodges-Mace, LLC to enhance its health and voluntary benefit capabilities, and to expand its suite of solutions to further the efforts of delivering impactful benefit programs. With the addition of the highly-configurable SmartBen technology platform and high-touch enrollment services, Alight is able to broaden its service offerings and continue to create an integrated health experience. Combining Hodges-Mace’s innovative solutions with Alight’s industry-leading capabilities allows Alight to meet the needs of employers of all sizes and all complexities to assist in encouraging employees to make better healthcare decisions.

Hodges-Mace is now fully integrated with Alight Solutions, and the SmartBen platform is now a part of Alight.

Hodges-Mace’s quality of service and expertise will live on with a new name and new look, but will still provide exceptional:

Benefits administration

Benefits communication


Benefits engagement

SmartBen benefits delivery platform

Personalized benefits communication and enrollment software

Experience a simple, innovative and secure enrollment platform

Your benefits administration platform should be more than an enrollment system. It should empower employees and HR to be true consumers of benefits. The SmartBen benefits delivery platform provides an easy to use, self-service information platform and communication portal to help employees have an enjoyable enrollment experience and provide HR with the comprehensive tools they need.

SmartBen advanced decision support

Reduce complexity with recommendations

Help your people make more informed decisions, and increase value and perceptions of the benefits package

Take the guesswork out of enrollment through SmartBen’s advanced decision support tool and allow your people to choose the benefits recommended to them based on them and their family’s specific needs. This kind of consumer experience not only leads to a less frustrated and confused employee, but leaves them empowered knowing they’re in the right plans.

SmartBen integrated mobile app

Connecting employees to their benefits year-round

Providing a centralized location for all of your benefits needs, within one app

SmartBen’s integrated mobile app, SmartBen NOW, gives people one place to access all of their employer-provided benefits information throughout the year. View benefits details, up-to-date balances, paycheck information, and have quick access to ID cards when you need them. You can also send out reminders, alerts and messages via notifications right to their home screen.

SmartBen year-round employee resource center

Delivering year-round benefits support

Increase accessibility and convenience with a phone call, without additional HR stress

Allowing people to have a number to call immediately provides a sense of support. By having access to service representatives via phone or email, your people can talk to someone when it’s convenient for them to address their inquiries on technical assistance, transactional enrollment support, connecting to their carrier, and the list goes on. This can free up your HR team from getting preoccupied with answering common benefits questions and enrollment navigation assistance so they can get back to focusing on other company initiatives and goals.

SmartBen HR administration services

Let us be an extension of your HR team

Have piece of mind knowing your benefits administration tasks are being taken care of

Outsource key components of end-to-end benefit administration by letting us provide you with transactional support. Our benefits experts are here to help without any business disruption, managing rules, administering processes, and keeping your benefits platform up to date. Through the SmartBen HR administration services you can feel confident knowing these tasks are getting done (removal of ineligible dependents, and management of QLEs and EOIs) and turn your focus to other matters.

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