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Employer Tuition Assistance

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Alight’s Employer Tuition Assistance solutions allow your people to achieve their career goals while helping you recruit and retain your best employees. It’s an easy way for you to make an investment in one of your most valuable assets.

Tuition Assistance on your terms

We offer Employer Tuition Assistance plans that fit your organization's specific needs. These include the ability to set annual maximums on education claim reimbursements, pre-approvals, or school grade validation processes, as well as pre- and post-tax benefit payroll reporting.

Easy eligible education expenses

Fully customizable eligible expense lists based on your desired tuition reimbursement plan design.

Simple integration and access

Our integrated single sign-on platform gives employees quick, convenient access to their tuition benefits, customer service resources, and the tools they need to get started.

Robust Tuition Assistance resources

Instantly file claims, check account activity and learn more about your Tuition Assistance program on our robust website.

Tuition reimbursements at the ready

Direct access to payroll representatives allows your people to receive tuition reimbursement funds quickly, efficiently and automatically.

A worthwhile investment in education

Invest in your own people by accelerating their careers and encouraging an environment that promotes growth, all while reducing turnover and recruiting costs.

Timing your Tuition Assistance—now or later

Flexible options to offer Tuition Assistance to cover employee education expenses now, or offer student loan repayment assistance through our life planning account solution.

Leading HR and health administration provider

With 2.0 million Smart-Choice Accounts administered today, we understand reimbursement accounts better than anyone else.

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