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Life Planning Account

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Differentiate your reimbursement account offerings and set your organization apart from the crowd with Alight’s Life Planning Account solution. It’s an easy way for you to support your people and their financial priorities—no matter where they are in life.

Fixed life planning reimbursement—use it or lose it

Let your employees choose how to spend Life Planning Account funds. They select from student loan repayments, education funding, emergency funds, charitable giving, financial planning or health clubs.

Differentiate your reward offerings

Whether it’s assisting a millennial with student loan debt or helping a mid-career employee focus on retirement goals, a Life Planning Account sets your organization apart from the crowd.

Life Planning Accounts for all

Optimization meets customization with our adjustable rewards spends and tailored plans based on your organizational goals.

Payment precision

Direct interface with payroll allows your people to receive their life planning funds quickly and automatically.

Single platform integration for Life Planning Accounts

Easy to use, single sign-on access that integrates within your benefits administration platform and enrollment tools.

Leading HR and health administration provider

With 2.0 million Smart-Choice Accounts administered today, we understand reimbursement accounts better than anyone else.

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