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Alight’s Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) solution provides a simple way to cover your people’s qualified healthcare expenses. Help your organization control rising costs and cover your employees' out-of-pocket healthcare fees.

An HRA reimbursement solution for everyone

Our solutions include diverse plan designs for all of your people, including active, pre- and post-65 retirees. We also offer compliant solutions for the new ICHRA and EBHRA plan designs, making HRAs a solution that works for all size employers to meet their employees' needs.

ICHRA and EBHRA compliant

Our solutions for these newly introduced HRA plans include all the appropriate attestation language to ensure we are processing claims accurately and in accordance with the legislative rules.

Flexible HRA reimbursement options

Reimbursement options that fit your organization’s reimbursement needs including Alight Smart-Choice Card®, insurance carrier integration, check or direct deposit.

Easy access to HRA funds

Your people get quick access to their HRA funds with the Alight Smart-Choice Card, and our sophisticated hierarchy technology automatically pays for qualified services from the right account based on your plan rules.

Innovative payment solutions

Our card processing, claims and banking are all done in one system so we can settle Health Reimbursement Account transactions in real-time and automate your claim payments.

Convenient access anywhere to HRA accounts

Our mobile app offers full HRA account access at your fingertips. Submit claims, view real-time balances and transactions or ask our voice-activated assistant, Emma, questions about your benefit accounts, all from your phone.

Customizable eligible health reimbursement expense options

Customize your eligible expenses to include full or a subset of healthcare, prescriptions, or premium costs only.

Comprehensive reporting and analytics

Sophisticated HRA participant analytics and dashboards allow you to uncover strategic insights and implement turnkey marketing programs to influence how your people spend and save.

Comprehensive education

Our robust, ongoing communications—including online resources, videos and calculators—will help your people manage and understand their Health Reimbursement Accounts.

Allocation and rollover options

We can administer a variety of plan designs and employer contribution strategies and will work with your payroll team to find a file layout and contribution frequency that meets your needs.

Frequently asked questions – Health Reimbursement Accounts

Alight Smart-Choice Accounts include a variety of product offerings, but we receive frequent questions about HRAs. Learn more and better understand the right solutions for your employees.

A health reimbursement account (HRA) is an employer-funded plan that reimburses employees for qualified out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. HRA funds may roll over from year to year, depending on the employer’s plan design, but funds will not move with employees if they leave the organization.

Health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) are funded only by employer pre-tax contributions and can be used for eligible medical expenses such as insurance premiums or out-of-pocket expenses. Unused dollars remain with the employer if the employee leaves the organization, although expenses may be reimbursed if the employer’s plan design permits.

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are available for employees with high deductible health plans (HDHPs) and can be funded on a pre-tax basis by employees and/or employers. HSA funds can be used for eligible expenses which include payment to doctors, prescriptions, medical tests, and more. If an employee leaves an employer, unused dollars can roll over to another HSA.

Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) can help enable businesses to focus on what they do best— serve their customers —and not on navigating and managing complex health benefit designs. ICHRAs provide tax advantages because the reimbursements provided to employees do not count toward the employees' taxable wages. In effect, ICHRAs extend the tax advantage for traditional group health plans (exclusion of premiums and benefits received from federal income and payroll taxes) to HRA reimbursements of individual health insurance premiums.

An Excepted Benefit HRA (EBHRA) will benefit the growing number of employees who have been opting out of their employer's traditional group health plan because the employee's share of premiums is too expensive.

Employers may wish to offer an EBHRA in addition to a traditional group health plan, for example to help cover the cost of copays, deductibles, or non-covered expenses. EBHRAs generally allow for higher levels of employer contributions than health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs) and can permit rollover of unused amounts from year to year.

As one of the world’s leading HR and health administration providers, Alight understands reimbursement accounts better than anyone else.

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