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Financial assistance for your employees in challenging times

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To help employers provide financial assistance to employees, Alight now offers the Employee Care Card. In light of COVID-19, this solution enables employers to provide targeted support to address employees’ most basic needs with maximum flexibility and control.

Offer pre- or post-tax funds to employees

Our card allows you to easily provide tax-free Qualified Disaster Relief (QDR) payments to your employees.1 You can also offer post-tax payments to promote employee wellbeing once the virus is contained and life goes back to normal again.

Funding flexibility

Pre-fund the card with predefined amounts and reload with additional funds if the pandemic lasts longer than expected.

Impose spending limits and controls

Choose from a variety of expense categories to best meet the needs of your employees. You could cover expenses such as groceries, office supplies, childcare, healthcare, utilities, and more.

Real-time expense tracking

Gain a real-time view into where and how your employees are spending funds and use this insight to determine if and with how much to reload the card.

Intuitive, paperless experience

Our easy-to-navigate, online experience ensures employees have access to information they need, such as their card balance. The card eliminates the need for claim submissions and substantiation requirements, and it’s accepted at most major merchants.

Better than payroll disbursements

No reporting is required,2 unused funds can be returned to the employer, and employees are reminded of the value of your support each time they use the card.

Quick implementation

We can have the program ready to go and the card mailed to your employees in as little as two weeks.

  1. Employers should consult qualified legal/tax counsel for tax advice to determine if Section 139 is applicable.
  2. Our understanding is that QDR payments are not subject to payroll withholding or taxes and no Form W2 reporting is currently required. However, Alight is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients; you should seek advice of counsel.

How to provide financial support to your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

Alight's Employee Care Card gives employers the ability to provide financial assistance to address employees’ most basic needs during this time of crisis.

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