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Employer Adoption Assistance

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When your people thrive, your organization does too. Our employer Adoption Assistance solution provides a simple way for you enrich your benefits program. You’ll be supporting your people as their families grow and allowing them to focus on what matters most.

Customizable and cohesive

Fully customizable plan designs and eligible adoption expense lists based on what your people need.

Unparalleled efficiency

Integrated accessibility through a single sign-on platform to get your people the employer Adoption Assistance information and the tools to get started.

Autopay options for Adoption Assistance

Direct access to payroll representatives to ensure quick, easy and automated payments.

Huge impact, small cost

Only a small percentage of your people will use Adoption Assistance each year, but the impact they will experience is invaluable; you’re helping a family fulfill a dream.

Invest in your future with employer Adoption Assistance benefits

Increase employee loyalty and productivity by creating an environment where top talent wants to come work—and wants to stay.

Leading HR and health administration provider

With 2.0 million Smart-Choice Accounts administered today, we understand reimbursement accounts better than anyone else.

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