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No matter where you are in your SaaS journey, Alight’s financial cloud advisory team is here to ensure your financial transformation is more than just a technology change. From redefining your operating model to better aligning your shared service design, we’re here to help you seamlessly transform your overall financial functions before, during, and after deployment.

We’re committed to providing you with configurable solutions that satisfy your organization’s needs, all while ensuring your financial management processes remain compliant, dependable, and optimized every step of the way.

Unparalleled financial advisory expertise

As a longtime provider of financial cloud consulting, our team has absorbed deep functional knowledge. This expertise enables us to approach SaaS deployment and integration in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our resources are trained specifically on configurable SaaS platforms and are experts in the financial field, allowing them to implement solutions with a non-customizable system in mind. Alight’s specialized suite of tools and personnel serve as a one-stop advisory shop for all your deployment needs, guaranteeing a high rate of efficiency and return on your investment.

Top-tier financial advisory change management

First we establish your financial transformation objectives and determine which solutions fit your needs. Next, we develop a plan of action that minimizes risk and ensures your team is implementation-ready from day one. Our change management tactics consider all aspects of financial transformation. From shared service design and training to redefining processes and workflows, we work hand-in-hand with your finance team. We recognize the importance of having competent, qualified employees to handle financial operational requirements. As a result, our specialized training ensures accountants and financial teams have the tools and expertise they need to uphold essential operational tasks, such as reporting, tax filing, invoicing, and collections.

Test management services for financial cloud management

Effective and efficient test management is critical to any financial cloud deployment’s success. Alight’s automated financial testing services focus specifically on client execution to optimize overall execution and increase knowledge transfer. Our test management services group (TMSG) is dedicated to Workday deployments and testing optimization efforts with services scaled to fit our customer’s needs. Twice a year, we release updates to our testing technology that anticipate customer needs and keep with the trends in the marketplace. Unlike other financial cloud deployment consulting firms, our practice is embedded directly within the overall Cloud Deployment Solutions business. This comprehensive offering is fully integrated in our financial cloud deployment methodology.

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