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Information sharing and education have always been important elements of HR communication. But we can’t stop there if we’re going to shift perception and drive behavior. That’s where HR marketing strategies come in. We can help you think creatively about your employment brand, your employee value proposition, and your total rewards philosophy so you have a compelling story to tell—and promote—about your organization’s HR experience.

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Employee value proposition

Just as your advertising and PR efforts help your organization manage its external brand, a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help you define your internal brand and align all your people programs and communications with that brand. It also gives you an advantage in attracting, retaining and engaging employees.

Our approach to creating an employment brand is something you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t stop with tag lines and flashy creative. We’ll help you reshape the employee experience for current and future leaders and employees. We partner with our clients to consider multiple factors as we create an authentic, compelling and differentiating EVP.

We began our EVP consulting in 1999 with Nike and Southwest Airlines. Since then, our team has supported EVP, engagement and branding efforts for a variety of global organizations across all industries and sizes. We’ve worked with companies like HP, Nasdaq, Pepsico, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, The World Bank and Bombardier.

Total rewards & wellbeing

While we see many organizations struggle with efforts to effectively communicate their total rewards, this is something we do every single day. We’d love to help you articulate your Total Rewards story, so you can better package and promote the many ways your organization helps people achieve what matters to them. We collaborate with our clients’ HR teams to create a total rewards marketing strategy that tells your story, promotes value, and inspires action. And, we’re able to connect that total rewards story to wellbeing—with a focus on physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing to help you drive a culture of wellness from the top down, and bottom up.

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Annual enrollment & wellness

If you are an employer looking for ways to more actively engage workers and families in annual enrollment, look no further. Alight can help you gain insight into employees’ needs and implement enrollment strategies that more closely mirror people’s consumer technology experiences. We can help find ways to streamline the process through digital and mobile technologies that can make it easier for your people to make the best choices for themselves and their families We are also advancing data-based technologies that can help your people make more informed decisions by suggesting benefit selections and offering relevant content and information based on their previous behaviour.

Financial wellbeing and retirement

Employers are increasingly interested in defining strategies to help their people improve their financial wellbeing. Leveraging your employee data, Alight can help identify the needs and challenges of your employees to define a strategy that reflects your company’s values and array of benefits, tools and resources. We can also help build a communication strategy that encourages your people to more actively manage their financial lives, from reducing debt to saving for family education needs to planning for retirement.

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