Alight WorklifeTM

Ready to transform the HR experience?

Now you can drive measurable outcomes for your organization and help your people realize the full value of their benefits.

Data talks. We’re listening.

Alight Worklife aggregates and analyzes data to deliver a hyper-personalized experience. The result? Smarter decisions for your people and better business outcomes for your organization.

Driven by AI & analytics

Our AI is built not only on what we've pulled from 3rd party sources, but also our more than 200 million customer interactions annually. That means recommendations are backed by real insights, creating a tailored environment for you and your employees.

Built for your modern workforce

By responding to employees’ situations as they evolve, Alight Worklife drives more engagement — delivering real outcomes. Did one of your employees get a raise? Now they’ll be sent a recommendation to increase their 401(k) contribution, helping them plan for their future with the push of a button. It’s the hyper-personalized experience they’ve come to expect in their everyday lives, now at their fingertips.

Human Capital in one place

Alight Worklife redefines the employee experience platform for everyone. Your people can easily access their health, wealth and payroll benefits via mobile app or web, and you can experience better tooling, easier administration and robust analytics. Make better decisions for your business with access to real, actionable data.

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