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 Alight Worklife to transform your employee experience

Alight WorklifeTM

It’s time to transform your employee experience

Imagine an integrated digital HR and benefits platform that listens, learns and adapts, to drive greater wellbeing and deliver better business outcomes.

Human Capital in one place

Alight Worklife can integrate your entire HR ecosystem into a single platform, providing a simple, seamless, and connected user experience across health, wealth, and payroll.

 Alight Worklife AI-driven experience platform

Creating meaningful experiences

An always-on, AI-driven experience platform, Alight Worklife is engaging employees with personalized and actionable insights in the moments that matter through their channel of choice — including web, mobile, chat, virtual assistant “Lisa,” and easy access to expert support. It’s the hyper-personalized experience they’ve come to expect in their everyday lives.

 Alight Worklife wellbeing

Cultivating wellbeing

Wellbeing is not one size fits all. Each employee has their own wants and needs, and their priorities can change as life happens. Through the power of data and AI, we’re delivering timely, personalized recommendations directly to employees, empowering them to make smarter decisions and guiding them to improved wellbeing – in work and life.

 Alight Worklife analytics

Enabling organizational outcomes

Alight Worklife redefines the employer experience with flexible and innovative technology that provides better tooling and allows you to pivot quickly when needed. And robust analytics provide you with the critical insights and real, actionable data to drive organizational outcomes.

Alight Clouds

Solutions designed to integrate and scale to meet your organization’s specific needs, while delivering measurable employee and employer outcomes.


Guarantee healthcare savings for your organization and empower your people to make more effective healthcare decisions with a personalized benefits experience.


Sustain a productive workforce by helping your employees plan for retirement today with the unique tools they need to build financial security.


Stay up to date on compliance regulations, analyze global pay data more thoroughly, and ensure your people are paid accurately and on-time.

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