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Holistic employee wellbeing programs including challenges, journeys and incentive management to drive sustainable improvement

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Our research shows that despite employers’ efforts, employee wellbeing is not getting better—our 2020 Employee Wellbeing Mindset Study found that only half of employees have a positive perception of their overall wellbeing.

Alight Well offers digitally enabled and data-driven employee wellbeing programs, including team and individual challenges, incentives, gamification and personalized communications, to drive year-round engagement for employees and their eligible family members. By enabling a healthy mind, body, wallet and life for your people, we help lower employer benefit costs, improve productivity and increase retention for your organization.

Engaging your people in staying well all year long

Alight Well’s timely, personalized communications do more than educate—they drive sustained engagement in your wellbeing programs. Communications can be customized, segmented and delivered across multiple channels to maximize employee response. And our mobile-first experience makes it easy for your people to access and engage with their wellbeing and benefits anytime, anywhere, all from a single platform.

Personalized guidance

Enabled by seamless integration with UPoint®, Alight Well generates and responds to a continuous flow of wellbeing and benefits data. Using algorithms to baseline where each individual is in their journey, Alight Well makes intelligent recommendations supported by behavioral incentives to help individuals meet their unique wellbeing goals.

Encouraging results
through rewards

Targeted incentives drive individual results, including decreased healthcare costs and increased financial security.

Better insights for
better outcomes

The UPoint Employer Portal gives you access to the actionable insights you need to analyze and optimize your wellbeing strategy in real-time. View trends and anomalies in your data and powerful dashboard visualizations for operations, along with your health and 401(k) plan analytics, all served up with intuitive human design.

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