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Improve employee wellbeing while overcoming healthcare cost challenges

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Costly, confusing healthcare? Consider it solved.

We’re serious. With Alight Total Health, you can ensure your people are getting the best care for their personal needs without overspending. By taking an integrated approach to benefits, we help your people make smart decisions across the entire spectrum of wellbeing. It’s data-driven engagement so personalized and effective, benefit program satisfaction improves and healthcare costs decrease, guaranteed.

Guaranteed to save more than you spend

Unlock value with an integrated benefits solution

By sharing greater insights across solutions, you can meet your people where they are, and deliver personalized messages that help them access the best care through one integrated Alight platform.

HR Processes

  • Enrollment
  • Administration
  • Eligibility verification
  • Compliance

Data-driven engagement and care

  • Proactive, personalized engagements
  • Targeted communications
  • Benefits Pro support

Simplified experience

  • Single point of access (web, mobile, phone)
  • Smart-call routing

Purposeful integration

  • Reimbursement accounts
  • Wellness incentives program

With Alight Total Health, your organization can:

  • Drive engagement starting at enrollment and throughout the year
  • Empower your employees to choose high quality, cost-effective care
  • Measurably improve satisfaction of your organization's benefit programs
  • Unlock value and drive enterprise growth with strategic insights and analytics

Ready to achieve savings with a more holistic approach to benefits?

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