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If you offer defined benefit or defined contribution plans, you know the challenges and complexities of managing them. As a leader in defined benefit and defined contribution plan administration, we can help make yours more efficient and effective.

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Defined Contribution Administration

Designing, building and servicing plans that meet needs and enrich lives

In Alight, you have an industry-leading defined contribution plan administration provider on your side. We listen first, then we apply our extensive experience to develop a solution tailored to your organization's challenges and requirements. Clarifying needs, controlling costs, managing growth, mitigating risks—we partner with you to design, build and service the right defined contribution plan for your company and your people.

The Alight difference

What makes us different and better? A unique combination of strengths, all focused first and foremost on the success of your organization and your people.

Exceptional experience

From our list of 1,400 clients to our many industry innovations, you benefit from the knowledge and expertise we have gained through our partnerships working with nearly half of the companies in the Fortune 500.

An independent, conflict-free approach

We have just one priority: the interests of your organization. We're truly objective in evaluating and recommending products and services for your plan and your people.

Flexible, customized solutions

We've built a proven, time-tested administration platform. That means with processes designed to support large institutional plans, we can meet the unique scale and requirements of your organization, your employees and their families.

Superior service delivery

Think of us as an extension of your team. Because that's exactly how we function, helping you identify problems, implementing solutions and providing responsive, ongoing, what-you-need-when-you-need-it support.

Deep data

With Alight as your partner, you'll have access to a deep, diverse participant database that reveals the actions and behaviors of over 19 million participants in a wide range of organizations, industries and plan types.

Innovative insights

We apply our more than 25 years of committed defined contribution research and thought leadership to help you track trends, benchmark plans and explore new ideas to drive efficiency and manage risks.

Supporting the needs of plan sponsors and employees

Your requirements are unique. Count on us to work with you to understand them, bringing our strengths, capabilities, tools and services together into the right solution for you and your participants.

For Plan Sponsors

  • Qualified and non-qualified plan strategy and design based on years of experience working with a wide range of organizations and plans
  • Open architecture platform that supports a full range of investment types, including fund-of- funds, separate accounts and more sophisticated investment approaches
  • Plan sponsor portal and comprehensive plan reporting, including individual client benchmark and stewardship reports
  • Committed client service delivery teams and plan support, including regular meetings to review current service, address problems and explore ideas for improved solutions
  • Industry-leading research and trend reports including our monthly 401(k) Index report, which tracks plan transfer activity for over 1.5 million participants
  • Compliance solutions provide maximum assurance that your plan is up to date and in full compliance
  • Legislative and regulatory updates and information keep you current on all relevant legislation, issues and trends

For Plan Employees

  • Approachable financial wellbeing support and solutions designed to help your employees improve financial wellness by addressing their needs in a holistic and personalized way, from creating a budget to planning retirement income
  • Our Financial Wellness Online and Call Center, providing complementary financial education and information through an easy-to-use portfolio of tools, calculators and webinars on a wide range of personal finance topics
  • A self-directed brokerage window that supports more than 53,000 accounts and $4.6B in assets - As of 1/1/17
  • A full range of financial advice and planning services that can be accessed easily online, by phone or in person. Our trained, registered investment advisors can help your employees understand and manage their full financial picture, going beyond their current plan investments to include outside assets
  • Award-winning engagement strategy and communications programs make it easy for your employees to navigate the enrollment process, optimize their benefits and take full advantage of your plan's financial education and planning support features

Defined Benefit Administration

As the nation's leading provider of defined benefit plan administration services, we can help your company and your people navigate the often challenging landscape of today’s pension plans. We apply more than 40 years of market leadership and specialized experience to provide the information, guidance and support your organization needs to manage plan complexity and risk. On the employee side, we've developed a suite of tools and support services to reduce confusion and improve education for decision making, helping your people enter retirement with confidence.

For Plan Sponsors

  • Defined benefit plan delivery strategy and support
  • Plan sponsor portal including online reporting and tracking tools
  • Compliance support
  • Industry and regulatory research
  • Regular plan stewardship meetings
  • Managing third-party interactions with trustees, actuaries and auditors
  • Employee data transfer and management, including HRIS integration, payroll reporting, eligibility determination, beneficiary maintenance and document imaging
  • CalcEngine software to customize plan provisions and automate benefit calculations
  • Calculations and event processing for a full range of employee and plan transactions, including check delivery, rollover and lump sum processing

For Plan Employees

  • A robust retire online plan website, featuring everything your people need to help manage their plan—defined benefit plan reporting, benefit calculation, and retirement income estimating and modeling, including decision-support tools and financial education and planning information
  • Live WebChat and Email Support from trained, friendly customer service representatives to assist employees with website navigation and answer questions during plan website visits
  • Our Real Future® proprietary investment education and retirement projections tool to help employees estimate their retirement expenses and income
  • Retirement Specialist support through our Service Center. Our specialists serve as a single point of contact to help your employees through all phases of retirement, offering knowledge and support for Social Security, Medicare and other common retirement questions

Because your people are your most important asset, you may want to provide even deeper support to help them manage their defined benefit plans. We offer a number of other optional services to help.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) Administration We can review QDRO documents against plan requirements and handle communications with employees and related parties.

Form 5500 Preparation Service Our team of experts make it easy to manage and complete your plan's Form 5500 requirements. We can provide consulting and prepare accurate, complete signature-ready forms and related attachments to help ensure compliance with ERISA regulations and avoid penalties.

Claims and Appeals Management We also have a Benefit Determination Review team for expert review of claims and appeals. We provide determinations that align with your company plan rules and guidelines, and comply with Department of Labor, ERISA and HIPPA regulations—all while protecting your employee’s privacy.

TALX Employment and Income Verification Service We can help make the verification process go faster and more smoothly for employer and employees alike.

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