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Health benefits administration: a simple, personal care experience

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At Alight, our goal is to make sure your people are maximizing their benefits and seeing the best possible outcomes for themselves and their families. We learn who they are, what they prefer and apply our expertise to help them confidently make health care decisions starting when they enroll and continuing throughout the year. This kind of dedicated customer care leads to healthier people—and a healthier organization overall.

Enrollment reimagined

Whether you have 1,000 or over 100,000 employees, we work to make sure each one receives a personalized, guided enrollment experience. We ask a few simple questions up front and make a personalized enrollment recommendation based on our robust data-driven recommendation engines.

Better insights, better outcomes

By ensuring your employees have the tools to make smart decisions at enrollment and throughout the year, we can help you meet your benefits goals. Our Alight ops monitor gives you full transparency and access to unique insights and information about how your people use their benefits, and how we’re doing serving them.

Guidance all year round

Yes, our enrollment process is specific, personal and easy. But we’re not only there at enrollment, we help your people make smart decisions throughout the year. They can access UPoint at any time for tailored health benefits messaging and resources, take advantage of our education and guidance video library, and enjoy customized web and mobile experiences and a simplified app. We continuously analyze employee behavior, connect them to your programs and help both them and you save money.

All-access assistance

Whenever, however they need it, employees can get guidance and answers from our industry leading customer care. Ask Lisa is our intelligent, integrated virtual assistant. If our virtual assistant Lisa can’t answer the question, your people can reach out to a customer care representative via mobile, email, text, phone or web chat—whatever is easiest and most comfortable for them.

When it comes to annual enrollment, user experience is everything.

Learn how our reimagined, people-centered experience is turning enrollment on its head.

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