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Consumer Experience

Let's reimagine the way your people experience HR.

Your employees have high expectations as consumers. Outside of the workplace, if they want an answer, they search it. If they want a product, they find it and order it. Quickly. Flawlessly. Wouldn't it be great to meet those same expectations in their interactions with HR?

Consumer Experience Solutions

Human insight + creative strategy + friendly technology = consumer experience

Alight’s Consumer Experience business is different by design. Part HR firm, part creative agency, part business consulting—we’ll help you interact with your people and their families.

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Consumer Experience Insights & Resources

Content to help elevate your role and extend your impact.

Our ideas are everywhere.

We're different by design, uniting the analytical and the inventive. We pursue a more intuitive way of life and a world that interacts with us as freely as we interact with the world.

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