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Workday Financial Management - reimagining finance

When you choose Workday financial management, you gain access to a full range of financial capabilities that are nimble and provide real-time insights. From planning to delivery, learn how Alight's Workday Financial Management team can help guide you. 

Experience in Workday Financial Management

Alight has a team dedicated to Workday Financial Management with experience back to version 11. Having deployed all areas of Workday’s Financial Management application, we have the experience and resources to show it with the most partner product leads in the ecosystem.

  • Our Workday Financial Management center of excellence is led by Workday’s first certified partner consultant.

  • Alight is the first partner to deploy Workday HCM, Payroll and Financial Management simultaneously.

  • Workday deployments include:

    • Workday Financial Management to over 160 clients

    • The largest global expense deployment.

    • The largest global full suite PSA deployment.

    • The largest Workday Financial Management deployment to date.

    • The first Worktag Balancing and Endowments solutions.

Current Workday Financial Management deployments:

  • The largest professional services firm globally.

  • A Workday customer with the most SKUs ever deployed in Europe.

  • A number of the largest full suite deployments with headquarters in: Canada | Indonesia | Denmark | Norway | Taiwan | United Kingdom | United States

Workday Financial Management Approach

Alight will partner with you to enable your desired business outcomes during your Workday deployment. Our delivery approach is:

  • Transparent and predictable: leveraging delivery accelerators, frequent communications and our project knowledge repository.

  • Inclusive: with our shared integration development approach and shoulder-to-shoulder configuration.

  • Confident and consultative: with a strong point of view and our “why not?” approach.

  • Focused on expertise: with area specialization and a financial management center of excellence.

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