How to communicate a dependent eligibility audit
to your people

We know there are many benefits to conducting a dependent eligibility audit, both for you and your people. But how do you explain those benefits—and the process—to your employees? When it comes to dependent verification, communication is key. Check out our five W’s for ensuring your audit communication strategy is a success.


Ineligible dependents impact health care costs for everyone.

Clearly communicating that the audit will help keep costs in check for all plan participants is the most important thing you can do, and will not only help ease concerns but will get your people on board before the process begins.

On average, each dependent enrolled in your health plan costs your organization $4,100 annually.


Explain everything.

We outline the audit process and required documentation in detail so your people know what to do, how to do it, and when the deadlines are. We make it easy for them to complete the audit, and provide quick follow-up so they’re always informed.



Early and often.

We recommend starting with a pre-audit alert which gives your people plenty of time to gather their information and ask questions. Once the audit begins, we’ll send frequent communications including reminder letters and emails to drive a timely response and follow-up notices to confirm their audit status.




Having multiple communication touch points is key. We’ll reach out to your people with letters, emails, and text messages. What can you do? Additional internal emails, an alert on your company intranet, and even notices in break rooms are all great ways to connect and publicize your audit.



Everyone with a dependent.

Doing a comprehensive audit on every dependent enrolled in your plan ensures that the process is fair to all plan participants. Your people will be much more receptive to an audit if everyone is required to participate.

On average, we find 5% to 7% of dependents
ineligible from a comprehensive audit.

Interested in a dependent verification audit but not sure where to start? We can help.

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