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How employers are responding to COVID-19: Work from home policies

Alight recently conducted a brief survey to get a pulse on how employers across the U.S. are responding to COVID-19. We’ll continue to share our findings here, so check back regularly for the latest insights.
Today, we’re sharing some early prevalence on mandatory work-from-home policies.

Has your organization already implemented a mandatory work-from-home policy?


23% of employers have already mandated a work-from-home policy, while 77% of organizations have not. Among those organizations that currently do not have a mandatory work-from-home policy, 73% are considering implementing one.

If your organization is considering or has already implemented a mandatory work-from-home policy, who does it apply to?

Only employees who have the ability to do so
All employees
Employees who use public transportation for their commute

Among those that have already implemented a work-from-home policy, nearly half of organizations (46%) say it includes employees that already have the ability to work-from-home. One-third of organizations with a mandatory policy say it applies to all employees.
Many employers also reported having workers in roles that cannot be performed from home – health care workers, manufacturing, etc.

Survey based on 162 respondents, spread across all employer sizes

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