America’s savviest
health care consumers An HSA
participant profile


As health care costs continue to rise, more and more organizations are shifting to a consumer-driven health care strategy. But who is making that shift with you? We profiled America’s savviest health care consumers, health savings account (HSA) participants, to find out which demographics impact HSA participation and how HSA participants are paying – and saving – for their current and future health care needs.

Who has an HSA today?

40 yrs average age of an account holder

$72,400 average household income


53% are 25-44 years old


63% have a college degree


62% are male


60% are married


52% have children

How are HSA participants
spending and saving?

$1,523 average amount a participant will contribute
to their HSA this year

$1,950 average HSA balance



percentage of current-year contributions that they plan to spend this year


have invested
their HSA assets


didn’t know they could invest
their HSA funds for growth

How do their health care behaviors compare to their peers who don’t have an HSA?

39% more confident that they
understand how health insurance works

46% more likely to
research & compare costs


23% more likely to make
cost-based decisions

80% more likely to save aggressively for
long-term health care costs

*All data sourced from 2018 Alegeus HSA Participant Profile

The average couple retiring today at age 65 will need $280,000 to cover health care costs. Learn how we can help you provide your people with the health savings tools they need.

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