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What’s next after your Workday Financial Management deployment

A successful Workday Financial Management deployment is only the beginning of your Workday journey. To keep your project moving forward, consider these three questions:

  • Do you have a continuous optimization strategy to maximize your return on investment year after year?
  • Do you have a date in mind to automate your financial processes for maximum efficiency?
  • What benchmarks are in place to keep you up-to-speed with other Workday Financial Management customers?

Below is a breakdown of the areas of opportunity Alight has helped our customers incorporate into their Workday journey at the different stages after go-live. Use these scenarios to better understand your organization’s needs and ensure your business is getting the most from everything Workday has to offer — from deployment to beyond stabilization.


Application Support

  • Hand-off from Workday partner: Knowledge sharing between your deployment partner and post-production support team can be a challenge on the front end. Ease this burden by engaging change management services, which include everything from assistance writing the communications to your workforce informing them of the changes coming down the line to knowledge transfer workshops where your team has an opportunity to review and ask questions about the configuration they’ll be using to complete their daily tasks. Investing in these services facilitates a seamless handoff, so you can shift focus to day-to-day operations.
  • Month-end close: Assuming you have a baseline Workday Financial Management solution with Workday as your ledger of record, a successful first month-end close is an essential first step. Working with a partner to formulaize your month-end close process allows you to continue this practice with confidence beyond go-live. 
  • Reporting: In the first year of being live on Workday Financial Management, your reporting needs will evolve. The Workday Standard Reports or Custom Reports no longer tell the same story they did at project launch. Reporting requests involving Financial Accounting (Journal Lines reports), Revenue (Receivables Aging reports), and other Spend-related reports (Tax Reporting, etc.) are common from our customers post go-live. Engaging a partner with reporting expertise can assist your team in keeping up with needed changes as you stabilize as you work to complete your other duties strategic to business operations.  
  • Release Management: Adjusting to bi-annual Workday version releases requires a plan for feature awareness and regression testing. Testing your existing configuration against mandatory feature changes is key. Workday partners like Alight assess the impact of changes by scoping out features not turned on in your system and providing automated regression testing.
  • Weekly Service Updates: In addition to bi-annual releases, keeping up with the Workday Weekly Service Updates as a Workday customer can help your team evaluate customer impacts that may occur to your system each week by reviewing identified issues, then ensuring the subsequent updates remedy those issues.


  • Feature Adoption: In addition to the Mandatory Feature overviews for Spend, Revenue and Financial Accounting with each release, working with a partner that provides Optional Feature overviews during the bi-annual Workday releases and support for new features that could benefit your existing configuration. 
  • Outside Processes: As Workday and the processes within your system become the focal point for your business, there’s opportunity to move external processes including requests within Workday via the Request Framework. The more you can keep your processes within your Workday system, the more incentivized your people will be to use your new system and the greater the rate of technology adoption you’ll see within your workforce.


  • Business Processes: As business processes are fully vetted within a production environment, the exposure to a larger population will naturally uncover unforeseen scenarios within the smaller testing group preceding go-live. As a result, there will be further refinement of business process routing, steps and perhaps the introduction of new validations to prevent end-users from providing undesirable inputs. Having a plan around how you will decide on and execute needed configuration changes post go-live will give your team more control over any configuration change requests coming through and empower them to keep your system optimized without becoming overwhelmed.
  • Security: Security can become an issue within the first year. While security has traditionally been the mainstay of HR from a Workday perspective, the financials security set-up is often not as robust as a client would like from an audit-perspective. Work with a partner like Alight to decide upon and deploy the use of more nuanced role-based, segmented and intersection security groups to close any security gaps.


  • Product Gaps/Brainstorms: For product/scope gaps with no Workday solution, working with a Workday partner can prove useful, as partners such as Alight will assist with raising Workday Cases if the limitation isn't readily apparent or otherwise identified by an existing Brainstorm. Once the limitation has been identified, your partner can further support you in creating Brainstorms that meet the Community standards and will resonate with other Workday customers.
  • Product Roadmaps: In conjunction with the Brainstorms, working with a partner that provides product roadmaps prior to the Workday releases can help you identify upcoming feature functionalities important to the continued optimization of your system and your ROI.
  • Application Tools: Alight understands your Workday journey is never static. As your business grows, so do your Workday needs. Testing Automation, Workday Extend, Workday Adaptive Planning, Workday Prism Analytics, OCR Supplier Invoice Automation, and other applications — Alight can help you successfully deploy all these features, tools and support your Workday Financial Management journey through our array of optimization services designed to help you make the best decisions for your business and people.

Looking for more assistance roadmapping your Workday Financial Management journey 1, 3 and 5+ years post deployment? Download our guide for step-by-step information on troubleshooting and optimization tips to keep your Workday technology delivering value to your organization year after year. 

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