Searching for a modern employee experience

Economic expansion and pressure on productivity. The push for innovation. Low unemployment and a Baby Boomer retirement wave. It’s more critical than ever to deliver a work experience that truly supports recruiting, retaining and engaging talented employees. See insights from the fourth annual Workforce Mindset® Study below. Then scroll down to download the full report.

Employers have work to do.

Employees are not yet loving their experience.

Only 4 in 10:

Say their overall employee
experience is great

Are likely to recommend
their employer

Employees see the glass half full or half empty on total rewards.


27 pts
vs. 2015

have a good understanding
of their total rewards


feel their overall total rewards
meet their own or family’s needs


What makes a great experience?

Needs fulfilled and spirits inspired to make it awesome.

Aligned to a purpose

Values demonstrated

Coworker trust
and support

Support for
growth and voice

Enabling environment,
tools, and technology

Easy to work across teams

Fun and flexibility to make it balance.

#1 differentiators:
fun and flexibility

Average 31% pay increase needed to make up for less flexibility

Effective communication and enabling technology to make it easier.

#1 expectation:
communicate effectively

5 in 10 employees
say managers value
their input and opinions

#1 tech ask of employers:
one-stop shop for benefits
and HR information

1/3 often or always
frustrated by workplace tech