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The HR experience shouldn’t be one size fits all. Using a suite of traditional techniques and leading-edge analytics capabilities, we begin with a deep understanding of the people we’re trying to reach so we can engage them across all life stages and career phases. From experience mapping to communication impact assessment to mindset research, we'll give you a clear picture of your employees' views, wants and needs.

Experience mapping

Experience mapping creates a visual representation of an employee’s journey through an HR event or program. We begin with a series of personas that represent key stakeholder groups, giving life to consumer experiences through their lens—not our own. We identify the journeys people follow, including the wants, needs, actions, and reactions of the personas we’ve created. In the mapping process, we bring to light a vision for the ideal state across resources and media, and can craft an engagement strategy tailored to inform, influence and motivate desired perceptions and actions.

Focus groups & surveys

Understanding your employees’ needs and challenges is essential to developing benefits programs that effectively help your people. Alight’s focus group and survey solutions provide industry-leading resources, expertise and global reach that can help gain a deeper understanding of your people’s thoughts and feelings. With a solid understanding of how your people think, you’re better prepared to make more informed decisions.

Mindset research

Our suite of research studies provides a comprehensive view across health, retirement, and talent to help you understand the total employment experience from your consumers’ point of view.

  1. Consumer Health Mindset® Study. We’ve experienced significant change in health care in the seven years that we have collaborated with the National Business Group on Health® and Kantar Futures to conduct this study. With the complexities of the U.S. health care system, people find health care services more and more challenging to navigate. How can employers and their business partners deliver experiences that give consumers the practical understanding—or savvy—to achieve greater outcomes for themselves and their organizations? This study aims to find out. In it, we explore the health attitudes, motivations, and preferences of consumers across the U.S.—particularly employees and their dependents—as they use their employer-sponsored health plans and wellbeing programs and maneuver through the broader health landscape.
  2. Financial Mindset™ Study. This study examines U.S. employees’ financial and savings attitudes and behaviors—including confidence, literacy and engagement, saving intentions, retirement benefits, and communication preferences. We refresh our analysis each year to provide insight into what employers can do to educate employees and their families, drive engagement in financial benefits, and facilitate smarter planning and actions.
  3. Workforce Mindset™ Study. This study explores employees’ perceptions and attitudes about their work experience—including values and culture, environment, engagement, total rewards, and communication. The findings reveal what differentiates an employer, what rewards are most valuable, and what is the best way to reach employees to deliver a compelling employment experience.

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