The Alight Partner Network allows employers to create more impactful benefits programs for their people

Lincolnshire, IL September 20, 2018

While health and retirement are an anchor of employer-provided plans, large U.S. employers are looking for ways to set themselves apart by offering more holistic benefits options. To make it easier for employers to quickly identify and implement unique benefits, Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth, HR and finance solutions, today announced the Alight Partner Network.

The Alight Partner Network is a carefully researched, vetted and curated collective that provides Alight’s clients with access to specialized programs, tools, and resources to help their people make smarter, more proactive decisions across their health, wealth and careers. Alight’s clients can then choose from the partners that best meet the needs of their people and that complement their existing benefits programs. All partner solutions are integrated with the employer’s existing benefits through Alight’s proprietary UPoint platform. Workers can access partner services and solutions any time through mobile or web applications.

“Creating a unique employment experience is critical for employers as the competition for talent heats up and providing distinctive benefits is an important part of that strategy,” explained Michael Sigmund, president of Alight’s health, wealth and consumer experience solutions. “Most companies don’t have the time required to evaluate a myriad of potential benefits providers. Alight is able to remove that burden by partnering with companies that are thinking beyond traditional benefits and bringing breakthrough solutions to market to allow our clients to deliver a more diverse set of options to help their people thrive.”

Several of the partners that have already joined the Alight Partner Network are:

Evive delivers personalized, data-driven messages that nudge people to engage with their health, financial and career benefits in moments that matter.

Lark helps people navigate chronic conditions leveraging artificial intelligence to provide 24/7 care 
and assistance.

Kashable provides access to low cost loans to help people with unexpected expenses.

LEAF provides people with a simple way to save for college and repay student loans with optional employer match.

Ovia Health offers a robust suite of family-friendly, mobile solutions focusing on fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

Personal Capital provides a whole new way for people to see, understand, and manage their money through its digital tools.

PTO Exchange provides goods, services and experiences in exchange for unused vacation time.

To meet the needs of its clients and their people, Alight will continue to add new partners to the network. For example, Alight is currently exploring potential partners that provide value added, solutions around workplace flexibility, debt management, disease management, career development and learning.

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