Alight Solutions finds workers and employers don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to navigating some financial issues

Lincolnshire, Ill. January 9, 2018

Even as employers continue to expand their financial wellbeing programs, two reports from Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth, HR and finance solutions, find that there may be a disconnect between the financial help workers believe their employer should provide and the help employers think they should provide when it comes to areas beyond basic retirement savings and insurance services.

According to Alight Solutions’ 2017 Financial Mindset® Study and the 2018 Hot Topics in Retirement & Financial Wellbeing report, workers consistently said they want more help across a variety of financial topics than employers believe they should offer.

“While companies have been moving in the right direction by broadening the types of financial wellbeing tools and resources they provide, workers are still asking for more help,” explained Rob Austin, head of Research at Alight Solutions. “Offering help for every financial topic isn’t practical or necessary, but there is an opportunity for companies to determine the financial issues that are most relevant and pressing for their people and provide support in the areas that will be the most meaningful. Our research suggests that people who have access to broader financial wellbeing programs are more confident in their current financial situation and are better prepared to build a more secure financial future.”

Additional insights from Alight Solutions’ 2018 Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing and 2017 Financial Health Mindset are available at:

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