A message from Stephan Scholl, CEO of Alight Solutions

June 1, 2020 At our core, we are in the business of people. With people matter as one of our core values, we simply will not stand for the hatred, intolerance and injustice so many of black Americans and others around the world endure day in and day out. The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery were unjust and wrong. And yet they are the more recent symbols of a much larger, pervasive problem that is not always recorded for the world to see. While it has been a stark reality for many every day, the events of the last 10 days have again brought systemic racism to the forefront, demanding that as a global community, we acknowledge it and speak out against it.

We simply cannot ignore the individual and collective pain, anger and frustration so many of us are feeling as we see the unimaginable scenes play out around the U.S. At Alight, we believe that diversity should be visible, valued, and sustained throughout the organization. We don’t—and won’t—stand for anything less. We proudly stand in solidarity with the individuals and families of those who suffer today and every day, and we are committed to progress and change.

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