Dependent Verification Services

Realize immediate cost savings while minimizing compliance risks

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As health care costs continue to rise, it’s more challenging than ever to provide the competitive benefits your people want while keeping your spend under control.

Each year, many organizations lose thousands, if not millions of dollars by covering dependents that are not eligible for their company-sponsored health plans. With our Dependent Verification Services, you can prevent this loss, ensure that only eligible dependents are covered, and stay compliant.

What is your dependent verification strategy?

The growing need for eligibility verification has made it the norm in the workplace and Alight has the dependent eligibility solution that is right for you. We provide one-time dependent audits to make sure all current dependents are eligible, ongoing dependent verification to ensure newly added dependents are eligible, and re-verification to make sure dependents whose relationships can change over time are still eligible.

Average return on investment of over 1700%

There are hidden costs in your health plan. Alight’s Dependent Verification Services help reduce your spend and increase net profitability. We find an average 5% to 7% of dependents ineligible in one-time audits and 10% to 14% of dependents ineligible in ongoing verification. With the average dependent cost over $4,000 per year and healthcare costs rising at a rapid rate, the savings from dependent verification add up fast.

Easy. Efficient. Personalized.

Successful dependent eligibility verification is more than just revealing savings and improving compliance. Our solution was developed to deliver the best possible experience for you and your people. How? We make the process simple and supportive. Our proprietary, industry-leading solution is customized to your organization's unique needs, while our user-friendly system and high-touch customer care support ensures that we are there for you and your people every step of the way.

Put the savings to use

Dependent eligibility verification reveals savings without reducing benefits or premiums. It’s no surprise it has proven to be one of the most effective healthcare cost-saving strategies. These are true dollar savings that can be put to good use, like finding the budget to fund other key initiatives.

Experience matters

Alight is a pioneer in dependent verification eligibility services. Our expertise ensures a smooth experience for you and your people and prevents the unexpected bumps that could come along the way. We’ve audited more than 8 million dependents from one-time audits and verify over a million dependents each year for our 350+ ongoing verification clients.

Stay compliant

The savings are huge. But dependent eligibility verification is more than just savings. By ensuring your plan only covers eligible dependents, you’re demonstrating fiduciary responsibility; reducing compliance risk under Sarbanes-Oxley, ERISA, and DOL guidelines and providing fair treatment for all employees.

Do you have questions about dependent verification? We have answers. Watch our video to learn how what dependent audit can do for your organization.

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Dependent Verification Services

Plan-Smart® and Plan-Guard® Dependent Verification Services

Have you ever considered how many ineligible dependents might be on your organization's health care plans? Each year, many organizations lost thousands, if not millions of dollars by covering ineligible dependents on their company sponsored health plans. Thankfully, you can prevent this loss with Alight Solutions' Dependent Verification Services.

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