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Changing regulations and stringent compliance requirements weigh heavily on your organization. With Alight’s benefits compliance services, our highly-specialized experts will delve into deeply technical topics to ensure you stay on the right side of compliance issues.

Power of Attorney (POA)/Legal Guardianship (LG) administration

Staffed by attorneys and supported by legal professionals, our Power of Attorney (POA) administration team will review documents and determine the powers that should be granted to the named agent. The team coordinates with your third-party or Alight administrators to provide the necessary information for the application of the POA.

Our team can also manage other legal documents including Legal Guardianships (LG) and Representative of the Estate documents for all benefit plans, payroll, and HR services, regardless of administrator. We leverage our extensive resources to monitor and comply with all U.S. state and Canadian provincial laws and regulations.

Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) administration

Our end-to-end QMCSO administration provides companies of all sizes with a standardized, streamlined and neutral process that efficiently facilitates the review and administration of your orders. When an order is qualified, we’ll coordinate with your benefits administration team to ensure that dependents are appropriately added to coverage. If an order is denied, we’ll communicate with all parties on next steps. But our services extend beyond standard administration – our team can respond to the request for information (RFI) portion of the National Medical Support Notices (NMSN), including collection and response with both coverage and payroll information.

Claims and appeals management

Our team will process your claims and appeals for group health and welfare, retirement, disability and spending account plans, ensuring you stay compliant with Department of Labor regulations and ERISA time frames. Our experts will use your guidelines, in combination with plan rules, to research claims and appeals, make determinations, and communicate with your people after a decision has been made.

Form 5500 administration

Our highly-specialized, experienced team of Form 5500 experts will stay on top of ever-changing regulations and drive timely, accurate filings for your health and welfare and retirement plans. Our proven, all-inclusive process for monitoring and completing these regulatory requirements includes project management, data gathering and preparation of all extensions, filings and summary annual reports.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) administration

We provide a professional, neutral and consistent approach for allocating and transferring retirement benefits during divorce. Our standardized, streamlined process will increase compliance, minimize legal risk and reduce your QDRO administrative burden. All related documents are reviewed in accordance with strict federal regulations and plan-specific requirements. We’ll also communicate with all involved parties and give benefits division direction to your benefits administrator.

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